Interviews and Publications

2014, Al Jazeera America, "Listen to Ferguson "

2014, The New Yorker, Photo Booth, "A Look At Ferguson"

2014, Tiny Tiny Group Show, "Life And/Or Death" curated by Kevin Miyazaki

2014, HotShoe International, "Matt Eich: The Invisible Yoke ," interview with Alia Smallwood Thomas

2014,, interview with Whitney C. Harris 

2014, MATTER, "How to Make A Family Portrait "

2014, The New Yorker, Photo Booth, "A Day at the Derby "

2014,, "Tale of Two Deltas "

2014, Alexia Foundation, "Interview with Matt Eich about 'Carry Me Ohio '" by Eileen Mignoni

2014, Lintroller, "Matt Eich Wanders to Understand the America Of His Generation"

2014, Getty InFocus, "Sin & Salvation in Baptist Town " interview with Jamie Penney

2014, Feature Shoot, "A Look Inside the Gritty World of Alligator Hunting in Louisiana " by Jenna Garrett

2014, American Photo Magazine, "One-To-Watch: Matt Eich Does It All" interview with Michelle Bogre

2014, A Photo A Day, "5 Questions for Matt Eich" interview with Melissa Lyttle

2013, TIME LightBox, "Discovering the Next Generation of Photojournalists at World Press Photo's Masterclass"

2013, The Daily Mail (UK), "Trouble in the Water " 

2013, The New Yorker, Photo Booth, "Down South: Greenwood Revisited" by Siobhan Bohnacker

2013, SLATE, "Welcome to Louisiana Gator Country " interview with Jordan Teicher

2013, burn, "Matt Eich: Fear & Self-Loathing in America "

2013, Photo District News, "Local Story: Matt Eich Finds Inspiration in His Home Town and Exhibits the Work There " article by Dzana Tsomondo

2013, The Photographer Discloses, "The eye of Matt Eich " interview with Abigail Smithson

2013, The Virginian-Pilot, "Matt Eich shares his view of the 7 cities " by Teresa Annas.

2013, British Journal of Photography, "Getty Images Grants for Editorial Photography: Matt Eich " interview with Rachel Segal Hamilton

2013, The New York Times, LENS Blog, "Getty Images Announces Winners of Photography Grants "

2013, FlakPhoto + Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, "Making Pictures of People " interview with Andy Adams

2013, FIVE THôT, "Matt Eich Revels in the Act of Seeing " by David Allen Ibsen

2013, The New Yorker, Photo Booth, "The Sweetwater Rattlesnake Round-Up " by Maria Lokke

2013, New York Times LENS Blog, "Redefining home in Tidewater, Virginia " interview with Jim Estrin

2013, Smogranch, "Matt Eich: The Seven Cities " interview with Daniel Milnor

2013, Blurberati Blog, "Crowd-funding with Blurb Books: Matt Eich and 'Seven Cities' " 

2013, TIME LightBox Tumblr, "Matt Eich on "

2013, Mother Jones, "Inside Mississippi's Last Abortion Clinic "

2012, TIME LightBox, "Unfiltered: Photographers React to Instagram's New TOS "

2012, British Journal of Photography, "The New Economics of Photojournalism: The rise of Instagram " interview with Olivier Laurent

2012, Photo District News, "One Problem with Running Your Own Photo Agency: It Takes a Lot of Time " by Holly Hughes

2012, The Photo Brigade, "Behind the lens with Matt Eich " interview with Alex Federowicz

2012, British Journal of Photography, "LUCEO looks to future following departure of three founding members " interview with Olivier Laurent

2012, Wired: Raw File, "LUCEO Splits in Half, Raises Questions About Viability of Photo Collectives " interview with Jakob Schiller

2012, The Oxford American, "100 Under 100: The New Superstars of Southern Art"

2012, Fototazo, "Profile: LUCEO Images" interview with Tom Griggs

2011, Conscientious, "A conversation with Matt Eich" interview with Joerg Colberg

2011, New York Times LENS Blog, "More Than A Road Trip" about LUCEO's "Few & Far Between project by Jim Estrin

2011, This Is The What, "10 Minutes with Matt Eich" interview with Kate Osba

2011, Esquire Russia, "Baptist Town "

2011, Peanut Butter Thoughts, "Matt Eich: Carry Me Ohio"

2011, Resource, "Breaking In: Documentary Photographer Matt Eich" interview with Aimee Baldridge

2011, Photo Radio Blog, "Matt Eich: Artist" interview with Lauren Henkin

2011, The Virginian-Pilot, "Photographer's lens finds joy and grief in struggle " by Teresa Annas

2011, Truth With A Camera, an interview with Chris Tyree

2011, Mull It Over, an interview with Jonathan Cherry

2011, Ctrl+P, "Photography Taken Offline - Matt Eich" by Trevor Power 

2010, British Journal of Photography, "Photojournalism: Wait. Worry. Who Cares?" interview with Olivier Laurent

2010, Thoughts On Photography, "ToP #98: Matt Eich" interview with Paul Giguere

2010, New York Times LENS Blog, "Finding Clarity in Ambiguity: Matt Eich on Rich-Joseph Facun"

2010, NPR, The Picture Show, "100 Words: Matt Eich on an American Solstice" curated by Graham Letorney

2010, New York Times LENS Blog, "If Photojournalism Is Dead, What's LUCEO?" by Jim Estrin

2010, Immune Media, "Trouble in the Water", an interview with Lee Emmert

2010, e-photo review, "Matt Eich: Carry Me Ohio" interview with Marco Pavan

2010, burn.magazine, "Matt Eich: Carry Me Ohio"

2010, Feature Shoot, "Matt Eich, Norfolk, Virginia"

2010, FlakPhoto, "Elvis the Zebra"

2010, The New York Times, "For Photographers, the Image of A Shrinking Path" interview with Stephanie Clifford

2009, NPPA, The Visual Student, "The Joop Swart Masterclass: Matt Eich"

2008, PhotoShelter, "Matt Eich: The Good Struggle" interview with Allen Murabayashi

2008, VervePhoto, "The New Breed of Documentary Photographers: Matt Eich"

2007, MediaStorm, "Love In The First Person"

2007, FlakPhoto, "Sucker-Punch"

2006, "Photojournalism: Matt Eich interview Part A" with Mark Hancock

2006, "Photojournalism: Matt Eich interview Part B" with Mark Hancock