Support for an artist can take on many forms. Give them a hug. Buy them a drink. Send them a nice email, give them a steady paycheck, buy a print or a book. In the past I have successfully funded two projects with crowdfund support via  in order to engage a wider audience in my projects and have helped (in my own small way) to support a number of artistic projects on Kickstarter, and other platforms. Here are some of the recent projects I have backed.

Eugene Richards, "Red Ball of a Sun Slipping Down" via Kickstarter 

Chris Capozziello, "The Distance Between Us" via Kickstarter 

Scott Strazzante, "Common Ground" via Kickstarter

Carolyn Drake, "Two Rivers" via Kickstarter

Eros Hoagland, "Reckoning at the Frontier" via Kickstarter 

Casey Parks, "Diary of a Misfit" via Kickstarter 

Andres Gonzales, "some (w) here" via Kickstarter 

Laura El-Tantawy, "In the Shadow of the Pyramids" via 

Shane Lavalette, "Picturing the South" via Kickstarter  

Aaron Huey, "Pine Ridge Billboard Project" via 

Carolyn Drake "The Story of Uyghur" via  

Krisanne Johnson, "I Love You Real Fast" via Kickstarter